2-Way Rally Lamp Pod

2-Way Rally Lamp Pod

2-Way Rally Lamp Pod


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Taking rally car lighting solutions to the next level, the 2-way Rally Lamp Bonnet Pod from Lazer Lamps comprises a pair of Triple-R 1000 Elite3 high performance LED driving lights, pre-mounted within an aerodynamic, lightweight Glass & Carbon-fibre composite pod, designed and engineered to match the shape of the 2019 Ford Fiesta.
With the complete system weighing just 4.1kg, not only does the 2-way Bonnet Pod offer valuable weight-saving gains, but the lighting performance of the Triple-R 1000 Elite’s is unrivalled considering the lamps’ size and low power consumption. Moreover, the products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK to the most exacting standards, and benefit from input received from the very highest levels of professional rally motorsport.
The lamps profit from E-mark certification, enabled by dual-output functionality which allows the lights to also run at a reduced output just within the limit of the road-legal regulations (ensuring compliance with some FIA regulated rally series). When operating at their full ‘E-Boost’ output levels the lights combine to produce 18,040 lumen. Through a combination of highly efficient high-intensity LEDs, advanced electronics design, and vacuum metallised long-range optics, the 1 lux line reaches to just over 950m, and with an excellent spread of light in the mid to long-range. With the colour temperature of the LEDs carefully selected at 5000k to improve sharpness and definition of the road and objects ahead, nothing has been left to chance with regards performance or build quality.
The bonnet pod, made from carbon-fibre with glass laminate layers (to ensure compliance with some FIA regulated series), comes with the lights pre-mounted. A fine-adjustment mechanism allows for quick and easy vertical adjustment of the lights +/-5o, alongside <2o outboard adjustment permits more left/right spread of light.
The 2-Way Rally Lamp Bonnet Pod is recommended for use with Linear-6 Elite corner lights, mounted in a horizontal orientation. A bespoke pod exists for Fiesta R5 customers, for all other customers it is recommended to mount the corner lights with our Aluminium Side Bracket Kit. Where the requirement is for corner lights mounted in a vertical orientation, we would recommend our ST4 Evolution high performance spotlights.

Pre-mounted 2x Triple-R 1000 Elite high performance driving lights

Ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre with glass laminate bonnet pod

Optimised for Fiesta R5 MKI / MKII – spacer kits in development for other vehicles

Compatible with LH/RH Corner Pods

Road-legal in accordance with FIA regulations (for some rally series)

Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance

Fine adjustment mechanisms

Bonnet fixtures not included

Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition

Electronic thermal management

‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens

IP67 watertight

5-year warranty

Designed & manufactured in Britain

Triple-R 1000 Elite – in (100%) E-Boost mode:
Voltage Range 9-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Weight 1720 gr
Total Luminous Flux 10,136 Lm
Number of High Output LEDs 8
Power Consumption 104 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 7.2 Amps
High Beam ECE R112
ECE Reference 25
Width 410 mm
Depth 103 mm
Height 73 mm
Horizontal Beam Angle 42 Degrees
0.25 lx Line 1358 metres
0.5 lx Line 960 metres
1 lx Line 679 metres
3 lx Line 392 metres

2-Way Bonnet Pod - Adjustment Instructions


ECE Certificate Only - Triple-R 1000 Elite-3


Triple-R Elite 1000-3 Data sheet


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